What is Scholarly Writing In Nursing?

Scholarly writing is a specific type of writing that nursing practitioners should learn in their graduate level professional and research courses. As you already are aware, there is much emphasis on critical thinking in nursing. Well, scholarly communication can be termed as critical communication as it surpasses critical thinking.

Scholarly Writing Rules

You can choose to consult various programs and texts with the intention of clearly communicating when writing professional manuscripts. However, there are certain rules that will always apply to scholarly writing regardless of where or whom you consulted from. These include;

  •  Write a concise statement regarding new information that the article presents. In order to nail this, you must have a mental picture of who the target audience will be. Your article being published depends on how unique it will be.
  • Every paragraph should begin with a precise yet direct tropical statement. Follow this up with 2-4 sentences that support and elaborate the topical statement.
  • Use an active voice and ensure that the sentences used are short and simple.
  • Use third person pronouns when creating scholarly tones. You should also avoid using biased or controversial words, slang as well as contractions.
  • Avoid meaningless statements and repetition at all costs. Avoid obvious texts as well.

Every scholarly writer is expected to read and understand the literature and even think deeply about it before you commence writing. Blindly copying what other authors have written is unacceptable. It is important that you analyze the literature, develop a logical plan for the sequence in which the arguments are relayed and use references when discussing these arguments.

It is also important to note that proper use of references is essential in scholarly writing. This is especially so in clinical journals as the audience expects to see the best and most recent references. If the article is based on references that are older than 5 years then its credibility will be questioned.

Why Do Nurses Need Good Writing Skills?

One of the main things that you have to gunner as a nursing student is excellent writing skills. It is through writing that nurses communicate with other healthcare professionals, document patient outcomes and catalogue data for accreditation. The data that you input must be detailed enough to meet legal and regulatory standards.

A registered nurse with distinct writing skills can easily relay important information about the patient to other health practitioners. This works for the benefit of the patient and a smooth running of the health center. In the nursing profession, a nurse will also require adequate writing skills which come in handy when writing academic papers, applying for a promotion and even draft proposed changes for the healthcare organization.

All nurses should acquire competent nursing skills especially for two audiences; the public as well as other healthcare professionals. This is according to the editor in chief of the Canadian Journal of Nursing Informatics, June Kaminski. However, there is a difference when addressing these two audiences. When writing for other healthcare professionals, registered nurses are required to use strong but clear scientific language. However, when addressing the public, they should use a more relaxed and simple style in order to see to it that people of all literacy levels can understand.

The Writing Journey of a Registered Nursing (RN)

Writing for nurses begins when they join nursing school and continues to when they begin their professional careers.  In nursing school, your writing skills will be required when filling application forms and writing personal statements. Thereafter, they will be expected to write academic assignments.

As a practicing RN, you will be expected to put your writing skills to test through resumes, personal statements, documenting a patient’s medical history and progress notes, completing admission assessments, writing end of shift patient reports, completing care plans and communicating with other health professionals.

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