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What is a nursing care plan?

Truth be told, care plans are the most disliked assignments in nursing school. If you think that you will squirm yourself out of it for some reason then you’re in for a rude shock. They are a mandatory assignment for every class; mental health, intensive care patients, community care. If this crucial paper has been assigned to you, be prepared to stay up all night trying to make sense of the scanty information sources and little time given. Remember, finishing the assignment in time is only half the battle because it needs to make sense if a worthy grade is to be awarded. 
Why You Need Help with a Nursing Care Plan
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Disturbed Thought Process

This is common in certain groups of people who suffer from various health conditions, for instance, malnutrition, aging, hypoxia, infections, head injuries, later-life depression, medication, degenerative processes. The symptoms are usually characterized by disorientation, distractibility, altered attention span, memory deficit, hallucinations, and inability to make decisions or solve problems and hypovigilence or hypervigilance. When any or a number of these symptoms are recognized in a patient, the nurse should aim at creating a balance or reversing their implications.

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Nanda Nursing Diagnosis for Falls

A nursing care plan is specially prepared for patients who are considered at risk for falling. According to Nanda, such a patient is the one who has been assessed and found to have an increased possibility of falling. These care plans guard against falls as they may cause adverse bodily injuries for instance, broken limbs, brain swelling as a result of the fall. In this case, nurses are required to take all precautions available to prevent falls for all the patients who are considered at risk of falling.

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Activity Intolerance in Relation to Fall Risk

There are instances whereby a patient’s functionality changes as they embrace the aging process. This is evidenced by fatigue or weakness, blood pressure and an abnormal heart rate whenever an activity is recorded, ischemic or arrhythmic changes on the electrocardiogram, and dyspnea.

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Nursing Care Plan and Diagnosis for Risk for Falls

One of the most important nursing interventions is assessing conditions that are likely to increase your patient’s risk for fall. This can be achieved by familiarizing yourself with the patient’s medical history in regards to falls, a change in their mental status, medication that they may be on, sensory deficits, and the symptoms that they exhibit in relation to their disease. The rationale behind this is that proper assessment helps to determine the necessary fall precautions.

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Risk for Fall Nursing Intervention

Giving nursing care to the elderly is a big task that calls for commitment, patience and expertise. This is mainly because the elderly are more susceptible to infections, injuries as well as changes in their mental health/status. In order to take care of them, one has to be adequately trained.  A nurse who is new to genetic nursing is likely to find this field overwhelming and intimidating.

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