Writing Guide for Nurses

Study Tips That Will Make Nursing School Easier

Welcome to the Nursing School!!

When it comes to nursing writing, one has to be fully prepared, be an effective communicator and also be a great cogent writer. When you enroll for a nursing course, you must be well prepared for numerous tasks you will be assigned; preparing you for the great task ahead of you, becoming a renowned nurse .

Nursing students are required to not only complete essays and research papers, there are other papers like patient charts, personal narratives, nursing care plans, nursing pamphlets and many more. For those who decide to further their nursing career, they enroll for doctoral programs and they are required to write literature reviews dissertations, nursing journals and nursing thesis papers. 

Writing compelling and unique nursing papers is not easy. You must be willing to spend time learning and studying how to write great academic nursing papers that fetches good grades.

Types of Writing Nurses Will Do in School

Personal Statements

Before you are admitted to a nursing school, most institutions will require you to write  an essay in the form of a personal statement. This is an essay where you clearly demonstrate your capability to excel in nursing school. You also explain why you are the right candidate for them to enroll you. Here you describe your past achievements, goals, character, work ethic and your stand in health philosophy. Writing an outstanding, unique nursing essay will give you a higher chance of getting the admission. Writing this essay, be on point and avoid any vague information. Most schools will give you word limit for the paper and sometimes they ask you to attach an essay they give you a topic to write on. You can be asked to write an essay on how you will overcome nursing school hardships or how you managed to achieve your goals after being subjected to a very harsh environment. If you need any help writing a nursing personal statement, you can contact  us and we will be glad to help.


Obtaining some licences as a nurse requires you complete some tests like GRE or MCAT. Before sitting for these tests, proper planning is required. As we all know, nursing school is challenging  but if you have invested much of your time in the library , reading and studying, you will have it easy during the exams. Reading the nursing books, journals and articles can be overwhelming especially if you are a working, nurse student. Developing a timetable and get study tips, that way, it will be easy for you to hack every exam . 

How to pass Nursing Exams

  • Follow the exam guide provided.
  • Study every day, or skip a day every week.
  • Go through the materials provided in your classroom by your professors
  • For a study group even if you are taking online classes
  • Use outside sources like Mayo clinic notes
  • Create flashcards or notes
  • Rest if you feel overwhelmed
  • Understand your learning style(reading, videos, tutorials or writing)
Citations Guide for Nursing Students

When writing any kind of academic paper, students must have this understanding  that referencing is important as writing itself. As a new student, maybe you are asking yourself what is referencing and why is it important? Referencing is simply citing sources you have used throughout your paper, acknowledging the authors input in the topic discussed. Different nursing schools require students to use particular citation styles, ensure you familiarize yourself with what is required of you.

Academic Integrity for Nursing

Academic integrity simply means acknowledging other people’s work in your work through proper citation and referencing. A professor at Buffalo school of nursing once said that, becoming a successful nurse students not only means  graduating with high grades but it also entails demonstration of great clinical skills ethically. That means , students must learn how to master how to write nursing coursework, nursing essays, nursing research paper and at the same time master how to reference them accordingly. If you have no strong ethical commitment, there is no way your employer will retain you for long. Academic integrity and cheating go hand in hand with being a respectable and committed nurse student. Nursing schools promotes integrity by always checking assignments submitted for plagiarism. Students found cheating or plagiarizing their work are fined or in some universities kicked out for good.

Writing Resources for Nursing Students

As a nursing student who wants to excel throughout the nursing program, it’s necessary you enhance or improve your studies  by reading and studying nursing materials. There is a number of online nursing resources that have the information and guidelines designed to help students .Most resources highlights different ways of studying and learning in nursing school. The following list comprised of top resources that students use world wide:

Research Papers

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Nursing Research Paper Writing 

Just like essays, writing nursing research papers follows the academic format but they are long and a bit sensitive. Nursing students are required to write in depth research papers that demonstrates understanding and knowledge. Before writing the research paper, study the topic you are writing on so that you write a rich paper that will make your readers glued on your work.

Doctoral and graduate students are required to write research papers that demonstrate high skills in critical thinking, insights and  original contributions. Always pick a topic that you have interest with and one relevant to the nursing course you are taking.

How to write Nursing Research papers

  • Plan accordingly.

When assigned a research paper by your supervisor, the first thing to do is consult with him or her so that you explain how you will write the paper. Know that writing a research paper is not summarizing the findings and research you will do, it will require some good literature to back the information gathered. Most research papers are assigned for over a long period of time, therefore you have all the time required to gather and collect valid information to write on.

 A research paper had different components:

  • Abstract
  • Outline
  • Preliminary Bibliography
  • First draft
  • Final Draft

Plan when and how to complete each part so that you don’t find yourself running out of time or rushing through the final minute.

Citation Styles used in Nursing papers

Different citation styles used in Nursing schools

  • American Psychological Association (APA) Style

  • Chicago Manual of Style (CMS)

  • Modern Language Association (MLA) Format

  • Associated Press (AP) Style

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