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The nursing field is vast in matters concerning health. Just when you are getting the hang of writing an essay or a case study, your professor throws you totally off balance with a pharmacology assignment. But then, what else is there to do besides getting to it?

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Pharmacology is one of the most difficult classes in nursing school. It studies different drugs work in the body, its side effects and how the body utilizes the drug. Prepare to get your thinking cap on during lessons and when working on assignments. The hard part about this class is that the students are expected to know the name of the drug, its side effects, the required nursing interventions and how the body utilizes the drugs. All of this knowledge is expected to be applied in a pharmacology assignment.

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Usually, a pharmacology class is taken in one semester. Within this brief duration (3 weeks), a student is expected to learn, master and internalize the 5-10 chapters in the material. This can be extremely overwhelming especially if you are efficient in the study process. Once you have finished with pharmacology, you are expected to incorporate it into the nursing care plan. After all, it will string in all the nurses in the process of administering drugs to the patient and monitoring those that are efficient and those that are not.
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