Proper nutrition plays a major role in disease prevention and control, recovery and promotion of good health overall. Besides keeping one healthy, proper nutrition helps one feel and look great which to some extent contributes to a patient’s health. The fact that nurses are in close contact with patients means that they need to understand and help their patients understand the importance of healthy food choices.In this case nutritional classes need to be held.

Is Nutrition Related to Health?

Healthy meal choices are important for the prevention of diseases, for instance chronic illnesses e.g diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis. Besides disease prevention, it is also vital for recovery. As a nurse you are likely to practice in various settings besides hospitals. In major hospitals, nurses are required to address the dietary concerns of the recovering patients. On the other hand, community based nurses tend to focus more on prevention of diseases. It is also important to note that nurses who work in community centers or schools can also give nutritional education to members of the public in regards to prevention of chronic illnesses. In this case, the nurse will educate the public on how high sugar intake is likely to cause type 2 diabetes.

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